Example Cases

Dr. Hollis has testified as an expert witness in various cases on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, either in deposition or trial.  A list of sample cases is shown below.

Spinal implant failure, medical malpractice and product liability case

Tibial fracture fixation device failure, defective product liability case

Head injury, seatbelt failure, product liability case

Knee & foot Injury causation related to bicycle product liability case

Leg injury causation, prosthetic boot, product liability case, wrongful death

Femur fracture fixation device failure, surgical error, medical malpractice case

Spinal screw failure, defective device, product liability case

Spinal injury, differentiation of causation between two separate automobile accidents

Alleged seatbelt failure, wrongful death

Knee Meniscus injury causation, workers’ compensation case

Alleged cervical spine injury, firefighter backpack, product liability case